glass craft + design

illumini Mandi King Karen Cunningham

Project based artist and designers glass focussed


Karen Cunningham and Mandi King formed the design and business partnership, illumini, in 2010. Both experienced glass artists, they completed an Associateship at JamFactory concurrently in 2006–2007, after which they shared a studio together for a number of years at JamFactory and Blue Pony Studios.

Creating artisan products, Cunningham and King are seeking to carve out a market in which clients value the knowledge and skills of a craftsperson. The illumini design process begins with looking at the materiality of glass, including qualities of transparency, the ability to transmit heat and light, and its malleability when hot. Each of their products is designed to highlight one of these qualities.



illumini greenhouse / 2016

small rectangle clock with legs1crop.jpg

good times clocks / 2012


holey lights/ 2011

illumini 2 thumbler tumblers.jpg

illumini decanter & thumbla tumblas / 2009